Kangoo Jumps and POUND!!

Where FIT meets FUN!!!!

Kangoo Jumps Fitness classes

Kangoo Jumps are rebound boots! They were designed as a rehabilitation tool to help athletes get their strength and mobility back following injury. Kangoo Jumps decrease the impact off your joints by 80%!! No more pounding on your joints!! You will burn MORE calories by up to 25% while wearing Kangoo Jumps! Kangoo Jumps can be used inside and outside! While wearing Kangoo Jumps, your Lymphatic drainage system will be activated and that will get rid of toxins in your body!!

 The best benefit of all.......THEY ARE FUN!!!!!

We offer a variety of Kangoo Jumps fitness classes from beginner to advanced.  Go to the ONLINE classes tab to get started on your journey!!


Pound is a rockout workout!! Channel your inner rockstar with this FULL body cardio-jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping FUN of playing the drums!!!

We use Ripstix, lightly weighted drumsticks to give you that rockstar feeling with music that will have you rocking it out!!! This workout is for EVERYONE. From beginner to advanced. All you need is Ripstix, yoga mat and YOU!

Are you ready to MAKE SOME NOISE????