Kangoo Jumps Fitness Classes and PLYOGA

Kangoo BASICS-beginner moves to get you started on your Kangoo Jumps journey

Kangoo DANCE-choreographed Kangoo Dance moves to Today's music. We teach song by song method or continuous method.

Kangoo Power-continuous music and Kangoo POWER moves! This is a heart pumping class, sweat dripping class!

Kangoo KICK AND PUNCH-for the MMA enthusiasts

PLYOGA- Plyo what????? PLYOGA is a combination of a Plyometric movement for 20 sec and Yoga pose for 10 sec. This is a great 30 min express, whole body,  HIIT class! 


 YouTube channel-Kangoo Club Kicks

Kangoo Dance

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Kangoo Dance

Lollipop by Aqua